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Jeff City Journal

Sundays at 10 a.m.
Jeff City Journal

This public affairs program is a forum for timely discussions about issues facing state legislators. We examine the details of legislation and most importantly, the impact on citizens' lives.

Jeff City Journal is a statewide-broadcast, public affairs show detailing the activities of the current legislative session. The show is a collaborative effort between television stations KMOS in Warrensburg, KETC in St. Louis, KCPT in Kansas City, and Ozarks Public Television in Springfield/Joplin.

Broadcast over the entire state, the show makes the legislative process accessible to virtually every Missourian. In the upcoming legislative session, Missouri is under new leadership and faced with the challenge of balancing the state budget amid the need for increased funding for education, transportation and other state agencies. With Jeff City Journal, Missouri public television stations are ensuring that citizens are well-informed during this important legislative session.

Veteran legislative reporter Missy Shelton will host the show’s roundtable discussions. She’ll talk with legislators and other state officials to make clear the policy differences from both sides of the aisle and the actions being taken to effect change. “Our goal is to help viewers realize that the legislative process directly affects their lives,” she says.

The show is produced in Jefferson City at the studios of LETS.