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More Than What You See on TV

What does "outreach" mean? To KMOS-TV it means family involvement at Kids Day, building community partnerships and engaging people in the world around them, providing professional development for classroom teachers, exceptional health resources for area residents and so much more. Outreach extends beyond the broadcast program, often beginning prior to the broadcast date.

Mary, Rosemary and Sandy Most people are well aware of KMOS-TV's educational programming, the likes of Clifford the Big Red Dog, Arthur and Sesame Street. What remains less visible is the immense contribution of the KMOS Education and Outreach team, a unique department for a television station. This team is dedicated to showing the public, from teachers and students to casual learners, how to harness and benefit from the immense amount of educational and enriching material available through KMOS.

The outreach team is headed by Rosemary Olas (pictured in the center), Education and Outreach Manager. A former classroom teacher and a public television veteran of 13 years, Olas currently serves on many local and national education committees, working closely with community organizations and services to strengthen partnerships and thus enhance the lives of central Missouri residents.

Outreach Coordinator and former classroom teacher, Mary Clevenger (on the left), focuses her efforts on preschool curriculum through the national Ready To Learn, Parenting Counts and the more recent Little Bites Big Steps projects. Sandy Kelley (on the right), Outreach Coordinator and former director of a non-profit regional community service entity, sets her attention and skills on the design and organization of station events and services.

Ms. Olas states, "The cornerstone of community outreach is engagement. Whether it's encouraging parents to view KMOS Kids shows with their children or hosting a panel of experts to provide helpful information dealing with Alzheimer's disease, the goal is to inform, encourage engagement in life-long learning and community activities and inspire people to reach for the stars."

Sesame Street and Barney and Friends might be the television shows most commonly associated with PBS, but clearly the reach of KMOS goes far beyond what is seen on TV. The KMOS workshops for early childhood educators, classes for parents, community partnerships to engage residents, and the many other innovative and effective ways that KMOS reaches out to the community distinguish public television as an educational oasis in the broadcast world. On air and off, KMOS is educating and inspiring more people than ever before.
Photo: Outreach-staff.jpg Caption: (l-r) Mary Clevenger, Rosemary Olas, Sandy Kelley.

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