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Read the winning stories from 2012!

1st Place- "The Snake that had Trouble" Jack, California
2nd Place- "The Mermaid" Elyse, Columbia
3rd Place- "A Girl That Wanted to be a Mermaid" Madalyn, Columbia

First Grade
1st Place- "Annie's Treasure Box" Katherine, Stover
2nd Place- "Eggy Kitty" Amy, Chesterfield
3rd Place- "Puffer the Lost Penguin" Elena, Columbia

Second Grade
1st Place- "The Hungry Robot" Luke, California
2nd Place- "The Owl that did not want to be Nocturnal" Lexi, Stover
3rd Place- "A Surprise for Lucille" Brooke, Whiteman AFB

Third Grade
1st Place- "Pepper the Stealer" Leah, Sedalia
2nd Place- "The Brave One" Micheal, Marshall
3rd Place- "The Lost Duck" Hannah, Sedalia