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Connecting your Digital to Analog Converter to your TV and VCR

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Connecting Converter to TV and VCR

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Connecting your Digital to Analog Converter to your TV and VCR This will enable you watch digital programs (and to record them if you have a VCR). (Links to Converter Manuals by manufacturer).

The converter boxes are designed to do more than pass along TV programs as you click the channels. It will provide you with information about the program you are watching, as well as upcoming programs. You can even look to see what is on other channels without leaving your show.

Each manufacturer has a different design, although most of them were built to meet minimum specifications to qualify for the national DTV Coupon program.

Keep in mind that the instructions below are simply an example of what you might expect, based on the common features. They are not meant to replace the instructions that come with your unit.

It does not escape our notice that many electronics do not have contrasting labels for the connectors, rather the small words are pressed into the dark plastic, making them hard to read in low light. The remote control devices may also be hard to read, so we encourage you to take the time to study the manufacturer instructions, and examine the devices in sufficient light before making the connections and completing the setup.

Remote Control
Remote Control

Converter Box
Converter Box

Connecting the converter to your TV set: Plug your antenna into the coax jack on the converter box, labeled "Antenna In"

Plug a new coax cable (included with the converter) into the "TV Out" jack on the converter and the cable jack on the back of your TV set.

Turn on your TV, set it to channel 3.

Plug in and turn on the converter box.

Install the batteries in the remote control, making sure to remove the plastic wrap.

Read and follow the menu options on your TV screen to set it up. If there is nothing on your screen, press the "Menu" button on the remote. If there is no change, then switch the channel from 3 to 4.

You will have some basic options, which will include: Channel scan - there is a small computer inside the box which needs to memorize all the channels before you can watch the TV. This could take more than 10 or 20 minutes, so feel free to use this time for other chores, or kick back and relax.

Change picture format - If you don't want to see the letterbox on the sides or bottom, you can set it so that you don't see them.

Inactivity standby (auto-off) - Many converter boxes are designed to automatically shut themselves off if you don't change the channels or the volume for several hours. You can deactivate this function or change the duration.