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UCM Athletics

Sportspage Spotlight 2007-2008

1/24/08 - Junior sharp-shooter Joe Young and Jennies bowling all-everything Bryanna Caldwell.

1/17/08 - Seniors Kevin Wollbrinck and Jojuana Jones.

11/15/07 - The 2007 CBE Classic and a wrap-up of Mules and Jennies Fall Sports.

11/08/07 - Mules Football, John Wood and Jennies Volleyball Seniors.

11/01/07 - Mules Football, Steven Ehase and a glimps at Mules Wrestling.

10/25/07 - Mules Football Matt Frankel and a look inside Jennies Basketball.

10/18/07 - The first Mules basketball practice and Mules signal-caller Eric Czerniewski.

10/11/07 - Mules Junior Running Back Glenn Milner and the UCM Literacy Team.

9/27/07 - Mules Senior Defensive end Dallas Bryant and Jennies Senior Volleyball Player Ashlei Jandrey.

9/13/07 - Mules wide receiver Anthony Parks and Jennies Senior Defender Kelsi Ginavan.

9/6/07 - Mules future hall-of-famer, all-american, senior safety Kendall Ricketts and the 2007 Celebrating Central Athletics Auction and dinner.